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Welcome to the Otago Daily Times - Digital Edition and Digital Archive

The Digital Edition is a replica of the printed daily newspaper and can be read from any location on any computer with internet access.

The Digital Archive holds copies of every printed newspaper since 2 January 2004

iPad/Android Editions

If you are an exsiting subscriber and are looking to access the iPad or Android tablet editions of the Otago Daily Times please register using the apps on your tablet

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Casual purchase Top-up account

You will need to open a casual purchase top up account which requires a minimum of $20 NZD to be deposited. Each purchase will be deducted from your credit account. There is no time limit to use your credits although once deposited the credits are non-refundable. You can use credits to access other plans such as ODT Archive.


For a one-off charge you can access every edition of the ODT for as little as $0.86 cents per edition. Subscription begins from the day you purchase the package and runs continuously for the period selected.

>ODT Current Edition - 3 month subscription
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The ODT Digital Archive contains replicas of every edition of the printed newspaper since 2 January 2004. You can also search for articles across this period.


ODT Archive - 24hr access


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ODT Archive - 1 month subscription


ODT Archive - 1 year subscription



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