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Welcome to the Otago Daily Times - Digital Edition and Digital Archive

The Digital Edition is a replica of the printed daily newspaper and can be read from any location on any computer with internet access.

The Digital Archive holds copies of every printed newspaper since 2 January 2004


Read latest edition for $1.20


Casual purchase Top-up account

You will need to open a casual purchase top up account which requires a minimum of $20 NZD to be deposited. Each purchase will be deducted from your credit account. There is no time limit to use your credits although once deposited the credits are non-refundable. You can use credits to access other plans such as ODT Archive.


For a one-off charge you can access every edition of the ODT for as little as $0.86 cents per edition. Subscription begins from the day you purchase the package and runs continuously for the period selected.

>ODT Current Edition - 3 month subscription
>ODT Current Edition - 6 month subscription
>ODT Current Edition - 12 month subscription

The ODT Digital Archive contains replicas of every edition of the printed newspaper since 2 January 2004. You can also search for articles across this period.


ODT Archive - 24hr access


ODT Archive - 1 week subscription


ODT Archive - 1 month subscription


ODT Archive - 1 year subscription



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